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BridgeWeddings is a child company of award winning BridgeGap Media (BGM). BGM was formed on 29th January 2013 specialising in Weddings, Corporate Events and Branded Content Video for businesses. Among many successes BGM’s wedding service kicked off with their cinematic storytelling approach to videography and their ability to capture those valued moments with photography. Just after 3 months BGM had their first all expenses paid destination wedding in Paris. During the same year BGM went on to work on over 21 weddings and we recognised for their success by Scoot, UK’s largest online directory. In 2014, BGM launched “BridgeWeddings” founded on a desire for excellence and to celebrate the integrity of marriage in our society. With a team of 5 experienced individuals, including some we have coached and trained to become professionals in their field, BridgeWeddings offers the ultimate wedding experience with Photography and Cinematography. If you love weddings or are a bride to be, check out our blog page and feel free to connect with us!

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