#DoTellTheBride Engagement Shoot Competition

So 4 weeks ago we launched#DoTellTheBride, a Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot competition on our Instagram page and it was a huge success. We received 20 nominations in just under a month! It was encouraging to see many of you engaging and tagging your beloved brides- to-be so thank you. It’s always great to have friends and family that have your back and are always looking for great ways to help. We know how stressful it can get when you’re soon to be married and you’re rummaging around trying to sort things out. So we hope that this competition will take some weight of the brides shoulders with a blissful experience before the big day.

This is a great start to our #DoTellTheBride competition and we expect that it will only get bigger. If you know someone who is getting married, do tag them in our posts and keep them updated about what we’re doing at Bridegeweddings.

The shoots are going to be based in London and will include A free Make-Up session for each bride (subject to availability).

We now look forward to capturing these lovely ladies that we are about to announced.

So the winners of the May 2015 DoTellTheBride competition are:






To claim your free shoot, email info@bridgeweddings.co.uk  with your Name, Number and we will get back to you with how to proceed.

For the brides who unfortunately did not win this time around, stay tuned to our Instagram feed as there will be more competitions coming up shortly. We look forward to working with our winners and will definitely put some of the pictures up as soon as they become available.