London Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photography | BridgeWeddings | Waltham Forest Assmbly Hall | Alice and Harrison | 01.10.2016

One of the joys of our work is coming across couples like Alice and Harrison. Alice approached us at the beginning of last year and her excitement towards her day was so evident. Not long after the news emerged that she would be featured on US hit show ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ by TLC which was set to be broadcasted in the UK. This meant that we were able to watch Alice and her fmaily, getting to know them a little more before actually meeting them all (For clips for the show click here).

We also had the opportunity to shoot Alice and Harrisons Pre Wedding shoot in London which was absolutely fab! We walked around near London Bridge station during the first casual half of the shoot and then captured them in their elegant look and left them to continue their day with a date night! It was then we were able to see how chilled and excited they were as a couple.

Then finally the wedding day. There was so much effort put towards making this wedding unique and it was a joy to see. The wedding featured Horses and Chariots, A message for the groom from Arsenal Football Club, a personalised wrestling belt custom made and imported from the US and a fun bridal party dance at the end. Out of them all our favourite was the wrestling belt as it was so thoughtful of Alice and was touching to see Harrisons face when he carried it. He dropped the line…

“It’s so great to know that i’m your champion!”,

isn’t love so beautiful? If you thought that was enough, Alice hired out a local cinema with frineds and family to watch the special day!

We are really grateful to have been on board on this journey and for the special day. We wish Alice and Harrison the very best for the future and we hope you all enjoy our artwork! As usual, comment, like and share!


Special thanks to;

Mr Tandoh MC – @mrtandohmc – MC

DJ Snypa – @officialdjsnypa – DJ

Gracilyndiamond – @gracilyndiamond – Hair Stylist

Bernicia Boateng @bernicia.boateng – Makeup Artist