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Here at BridgeWeddings, we first of all ‘LOVE’ what we do! We believe strongly in Excellence, Integrity through Storytelling. We don’t want to just work at your wedding, but we want to be able to be part of it and produce artwork that beautifully tells your story. It’s one thing to have satisfied clients, but we desire that every work we give our clients, is a timeless masterpiece that would stem to be of encouragement for the couple in years to come! Unlike a lot of wedding vendors, our team of wedding specialists includes staff who are full-time in weddings which helps us to keep in good communication from consultation through to the end of your wedding. As mentioned what makes us different to other vendors is our unique storytelling approach to your wedding with an artistic edge. We don’t just produce pictures, we produce art! Over the last year and half our work has been used by various blogs and has made us a multi-award winning company today.

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