PreWedding Photoshoot Snippet | BridgeWeddings | London Photographer | Paul and Maryann | 28.11.2014

As the end of the year approaches, we look back at all the weddings done so far and realise what a GREAT year it has been! You may have noticed we haven’t posted much up for a few weeks – that’s simply because we were still occupied with weddings back to back right up to the 20th December (Sorry)! This photoshoot proved to be one that will probably be one of the most memorable. Paul and MaryAnn were a real great couple and this photoshoot was one of the type of shoots where as a photographer – you don’t have to do too much! They were very comfortable together, smiling and laughing throughout whole of the time. Their White and Patterned Ghanaian outfits really went well with the natural colours in the park.

Due to logistics we had to find a local park in Essex and the one we found was Valence Park. Although we hadn’t properly viewed the park prior, the pictures of the park online showed some great potential. Along with that, the couple were happy which gave us the all clear. Upon getting to the park, our assistant viewed the park with a hint of confusion and asked ‘Are we going to be using this park for the shoot’? He said that because on the surface, the parked looked quite boring and dull. But there are some parks that are visibly attractive and there are some locations that it takes a photographers eye to be able to see the diamond in the rough and Valence Park was definitely one of them!

Upon getting there we searched the park and although it wasn’t the most visually stimulating of scenary, we noticed a beautiful mixture of Red coloured leaves! We took some shots just so you can see what we were working with.

example1 - london photographher - bridgeweddings

Considering we have shot in some of London’s most popular parks like Hyde Park, this is probably one of our best shoots. It was a combination of being dreamy due to the rich mixture of colour and yet not too tatty. It is definitely a skill for a photographer to see a shot in a place that doesn’t seem so glamorous and was more or less deserted during our time there. But it was a great reflection of Paul and MaryAnn, they are both so full of life but yet very simple (Which you’ll see more of in their official Wedding Photography).  Our aim at BridgeWeddings, is to produce timeless art that truly tells the story behind our couples. Although this is only a snippet of the Photoshoot, we hope you enjoy till we get the opportunity to post up the rest! Happy viewing! #NotJustPictures #TimelessArt

Paul and MaryAnn - BridgeWeddings - London Photographer - Essex - Valence Park-5 Paul and MaryAnn - BridgeWeddings - London Photographer - Essex - Valence Park-2
Paul and MaryAnn - BridgeWeddings - London Photographer - Essex - Valence Park-3 Paul and MaryAnn - BridgeWeddings - London Photographer - Essex - Valence ParkPaul and MaryAnn - BridgeWeddings - London Photographer - Essex - Valence Park-4