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We take every wedding as an opportunity to create timeless art that stems to bring joy in years to come. In our earlier stages one of our biggest fulfillment was to pick up the phone from a client and hear them sobbing in tears at how happy our work made them feel. This type of occurrence wasn’t the last and for us that is the greatest thing we could do in our business – to produce art that accurately captures not only the day or the moment, but tells the STORY that sometimes many fail to see!

We believe that art is priceless when it comes to vendors capturing a couples story, which is why we take our work very seriously. We guarantee that our values will show in the work we would produce for you. We always aim to meet up with our clients which is something we can do since our main Wedding Photographer and Wedding Cinematographer is full time unlike many over vendors you’ll come across. In the consultation we aim to be able to accurately discuss your needs and expectations for your wedding. Our most popular packages for Cinematography is our Gold Package which includes  2 Cinematographers throughout your day, from the Bridal/Groom preparations down till the reception. Our most popular Photography Package is our Diamond Package which also includes 2 Photographers for the duration of the day. We also do destination weddings in which we would work out extra flight and accomodation costs seperately.

To be able to quote you accurately it would be great if we could meet up for coffee or discuss on the phone. For any questions or enquiries please feel free to email us at