This is one of our shoots for a nice Nigerian Traditional Wedding which was shot in south London last year. It was a real pleausre working with the couple and the Olivia is the type of client we love in that she appreciates the art of photography and was always up for artistic shots we wanted to try out. This event started from Olivia’s mums place then outside for a quick mini-photoshoot and straight to the venue to meet with friends and family. Hope you enjoy the pictures below. IMG_9265-2   IMG_9435-Edit IMG_9506IMG_9470IMG_9536IMG_9758IMG_9719IMG_9745IMG_9747IMG_9750IMG_9754IMG_9616IMG_9636IMG_9781IMG_9817IMG_9820IMG_9839IMG_9876IMG_9844IMG_9841IMG_9922IMG_9979IMG_9976IMG_9975IMG_9971IMG_9950IMG_9959IMG_0151IMG_0084IMG_0071IMG_0064IMG_0002IMG_0254IMG_0249IMG_0241IMG_0239IMG_0238IMG_0246