This was without doubt one of or most enjoyable Pre-Wed shoots with our lovely couple Georgina and James. They got in contact with us last year and opted for our our BridgeExperience with Cinematography and Photography which included their Pre-wedding shoot. We carefully motored the weather as in May the weather was quite up and down, but thankfully the sun came out at our predicted time in the evening at the famouse Hyde Park. Filled with its usual busy activity we aimed to really get more candid moments from them as they walk and interacted around the park. Enjoy!IMG_0494IMG_0490IMG_0513IMG_0518IMG_0529IMG_0545IMG_0571IMG_0502IMG_0599IMG_0621IMG_0638IMG_0646IMG_0651IMG_0654IMG_0666IMG_0674IMG_0670IMG_06752 pic editIMG_0685 IMG_0680IMG_0694IMG_0699 IMG_0697IMG_0711IMG_0733IMG_0720IMG_0752IMG_0743IMG_0745IMG_0757IMG_0769IMG_0860 IMG_0851IMG_0852IMG_0948IMG_0951IMG_0923IMG_0900IMG_0970 IMG_0965IMG_1018IMG_1021IMG_1014IMG_0977IMG_1090