The Bridge Experience | Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot | Holland Park (Kyoto Gardens) | Diego and Karla – 28.05.2014

We have a real treat for you being our lovely couple Diego and Karla! We shot their pre-wedding in the beautiful Holland park including the Japanese ‘kyoto Gardens’which was said to have been built by Japanese artist in the early 90’s. Diego and Karla were such a delight to work with and our shoot was full of laughter, simplicity and a lot of creativity. Both Diego and Karla went to the same University and are both very passionate about their faith (Christianity). While walking along in the gardens Diego privately shared with us how he wanted to repeat his proposal alone with karla in the middle of the famous Kyoto Gardens asking for her hand in marriage again, as the initial proposal was with family. For us this was a great privilege and also great to capture. We were able to be a far distance away using our telephoto lenses while they both spoke and Diego proposed. We now look forward to shooting their wedding day! Enjoy

IMG_2302IMG_2294IMG_2334IMG_2337IMG_2443Diego and Karla - Holland Park - Bridge Weddings - Pre wedding photoshootIMG_2462IMG_2465IMG_2472IMG_2467 IMG_2466 IMG_2491 IMG_2490 IMG_2489IMG_2492IMG_2496IMG_2501IMG_2512IMG_2520IMG_2528IMG_2532IMG_2523-Edit IMG_2596IMG_2534IMG_2542 IMG_2537IMG_2548IMG_2560 IMG_2615 IMG_2621 IMG_2619IMG_2630IMG_2623IMG_2636IMG_2663 IMG_2656IMG_2672IMG_2679IMG_2683IMG_2684 IMG_2728IMG_2731
Diego and Karla 2 pic edit - Holland Park - Bridge Weddings - Pre wedding photoshoot IMG_2736IMG_2740IMG_2743IMG_2749IMG_2751 IMG_2770IMG_2777IMG_2787 Diego and Karla 4 pic edit - Holland Park - Bridge Weddings - Pre wedding photoshootIMG_2843IMG_2844IMG_2848IMG_2853IMG_2855IMG_2858IMG_2863IMG_2865IMG_2700IMG_2704IMG_2878IMG_2881 IMG_2908 IMG_2910IMG_2924